Top 3 bestselling articles on Vinted (+ bonus)

Top 3 bestselling articles on Vinted (+ bonus)

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Are you looking for which item sells best on Vinted? You've come to the right place, and together we're going to look at what items are selling best on Vinted. Before we answer the question directly, let's take a look at what Vinties are really looking for? What items sell the fastest?

To successfully sell your dressing room items quickly, you should check out our article on how to best sell your items on Vinted.

What are buyers looking for on Vinted?

Vinted is composed of several categories. Each category has sub-categories, so the number can go up very quickly. We don't have the exact number, but we estimate that there are several hundred categories of items on Vinted.

How the Vinted algorithm works

If you are a woman and often search for the same brands or profiles, Vinted will automatically suggest a news feed with women's clothing based on the brands and profiles you are looking at. Vinted's algorithm is powerful and focuses on your previous searches to suggest items you might like.

Buyers' searches on Vinted are therefore very varied and will depend solely on your search history.

Better sales depending on the season

While reading the"Which item sells well" topic on the Vinted forum, we noticed that many Vinties see their sales increase based on the seasonality of their items.

If you sell big sweaters, vests, coats as Sandnath mentions on the forum, you have a high chance to sell these items in winter.
Conversely, if you have swimsuits in your dressing room, you will have more chances to sell these items when the weather is fine.

sweater sale best sale vinted

Specific articles

As for clothes, since 2019 Vinted also offers online products such as video games, CDs, albums, small decorative items, children's toys, books... These items also sell very well on Vinted.

Remember to check your closets and post these items on your dressing room, you probably have a wanted item in your drawers.

books and shoes top sale vinted

The dress is the best selling item on Vinted?

While browsing through the forum posts, we noticed a large number of posts mentioning dress sales in their Vinted dressing room. We can't quantify the number of dress sales on Vinted in 2020, however it is without a doubt the item that sells the most easily.

The dress is an essential element of a woman's wardrobe.

party dress best sale vinted
new dress best sale vinted
dress top sale vinted

The best selling item is in your dressing room

Indeed, the best selling item on Vinted is without a doubt the dress.

Do you have items in your dressing room that you don't use? Take advantage of putting them online on Vinted to find a second life for them.

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